Graeme Mudge Mural, Gaol - Jail, Gisborne, New Zealand

Graeme Mudge Mural, Gaol - Jail, Gisborne NZ

Gisborne Gaol Inmates 800x533 

The Graeme Mudge Murals of prisoners and police behind the cell windows were added to give a uniqueness to the tired old facade of the building, plus capture interest from tourists and locals alike, but sadly today these images have also faded with the weather and sunshine that Gisborne is so famous for.

LOCATION: The Gaol (Jail) was built in 1910 and was in use until 1952.

Gaol Royal Insignia sq2  < <  The Royal Insignia is NOT a Mural!

King George V:  The logo is battered and worn - but is still emblazoned on the Gaol wall in recogntion that this building is a lawful legal penitentiary of its day.

It originally contained 20 cells, and had separate men, women and wardens quarters, plus an exercise yard.

Later a concrete wall surrounded the building but this has since been removed.

Over the years it has seen many change. eg: in 1953 The Gisborne 30,000 Club raised ten thousand pounds ( the currency of the day pre 1967) to convert the Gaol and surrounding reserve into a camping ground. Campers could sleep in the old Cells until 1985.
As with all things time was taking its toll on the facilities and it was closed - today things such as earthquake strengthening etc. have brought its use to a close.

Gisborne Gaol Sherlock GUN Policeman 800x533

Gisborne Jail Churchill Park Policeman 800x533 

Graeme Mudge Jail Window Mural Gisborne 800x480

This photo shows the placement in the windows of the Graeme Mudge Murals . .

Churchill Park Gaol - Jail on Awapuni Road, Gisborne NZ