Graeme Mudge Mural, Watties, Gisborne, New Zealand

Graeme Mudge Mural, Watties, Gisborne NZ

LOCATION: This Wall Mural of Watties... is somewhat faded nowdays... having weathered well in the hot sunshine of Gisborne... (also somewhat hidden by the growth of riverbank tree foliage) this was one of the earlier works completed by Graeme.... and can be found on Customhouse Street, seaward end, and fixed on the shed wall, of the local tourist attraction Steam Engine Wa165. 

Watties SAI stabilize 800x534

Watties MURAL on Railway Wall 800x389

Mudge Watties Closeup 800x533

As always this closeup view demonstrates  Graeme's attention to detail within his own unique style of Mural painting with liberal use of colour and characters.