Graeme Mudge Murals, Magistrates Court & Post Office, Gisborne, New Zealand

Graeme Mudge Murals, Post Office & Magistrates Court, Gisborne


This 4 sided mural is set beside the River Walkway, these two photos show three of the four sides...

Former Post Office and Magistrates Court as depicited here on Reads Quay, (opposite Wharf), Gisborne

Mudge Post Office 800x533

Three sides of this amazing mural . . . 

Mudge Magistrates Court 800x533

Gisborn Harbour Board 800x533

On the riverside of the building - Graeme Mudge has captured the Gisborne Harbour Board as depicted some years ago . . 

Graeme Mudge Murals, Post Office & Magistrates Court, 33 Reads Quay, Gisborne. NZ