Graeme Mudge Town Crier Mural, Gisborne, New Zealand

Graeme Mudge Town Crier Mural Gisborne

LOCATION: NOW moved and placed on the Side Wall of The Lawson Field Theatre (facing towards Taruheru River) and easily accessible and viewable from the Walkway that passes the Theatre from Fitzherbert Avenue, Gisborne New Zealand.

Mudge Mural Lawson Field Theatre Town Cryer Walkway

AS ABOVE ^^ The current Lawson Field Theatre location . .

Mudge Town Crier History Original placement

HERE ABOVE & BELOW ^^ These TWO photos are for the History Lovers amongst us - who recall the original placement  -  somewhat hidden - and tucked away in the GDC Courtyard of the previous Gisborne District Council building before the all new rebuild - now its on show for one and all to enjoy . .

Here in the original artwork you can spot Graeme's clever use of the Down Pipe into the Drain with the Old mans Walking Stick - plus the extra imagery on the Air Conditioning Unit on the left . .

Mudge Town Crier Close

CLOSE UP VIEW > of the Town Crier with various local characters and officials in attendance...

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 Town Crier Graeme Mudge Mural