Graeme Mudge War Memorial Theatre Mural, Gisborne, NZ

Graeme Mudge War Memorial Theatre Mural Gisborne, New Zealand

War Memorial Theatre Ticket Office 800x533

LOCATION: Yesterday - NOW moved,

Another beautiful Mural was to be found in the Entrance Foyer of the War Memorial Theatre. Bright Street, Gisborne - where Graeme had sought to paint a depiction of the many shows that appeared in the War Memorial Theatre over the years.

But sadly progress means that the old often has to make way for the new . . .

In this case the Architects who designed the all new War Memorial Theatre . . decided in their wisdom to take this Mudge Mural out of its pride of place in the Entrance foyer alongside the Ticket Office and relegate it to the Zone 5 Emergency EXIT Stair Well - - therefore you may or may not have time to see this Graeme Mudge master-piece as you exit the new build . . .


War memorial EXIT Zone 5 Under Stairs 800x501

War memorial EXIT Zone 5 Stair Well 800x480 

War memorial EXIT Zone 5 800x501

Mudge Mural - Zone 5 EXIT Doors ^ ^ ^ Stairwell War Memorial Theatre Gisborne

You can spot the Mural from outside by looking through the glass EXIT Doors 

War Memorial Theatre 159 Bright Street, Gisborne. NZ